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Family Chiropractic

"Dr. Ryan is a great chiropractor! The adjustments were great, but his coaching on how and what to stretch as well as exercises to strengthen certain areas in my hips and legs allowed me to finally get over some pretty awful lower back pain." Joey B. (US Navy)

Where do you hurt?

We can help you feel better!

Neck Pain





Low Back Pain     

Shoulder Pain


Hip Pain

Mid Back and Rib Pain

"We are not a stack 'em, rack 'em and crack 'em clinic.

We spend quality time and listen to your needs."

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No Fault - Car accident? We can help. We accept No Fault massage therapy and No Fault chiropractic in Hawaii.


Workers Compensation -Injured at work? We can help. We accept workers compensation massage therapy and workers compensation chiropractic in Hawaii.

"Our goal is to eliminate back pain, one spine at a time."

Hip Pain

Kailua Massage Therapy
Woman Receiving Acupuncture



Physical Therapy


Why we are different!

"We are not your average chiropractic clinic and we believe in challenging the chiropractic status quo."

Dr. Tyler Ryan, DC, CPT, LMT

  • We will never try to up-sell you on expensive upfront treatment plans.

  • We have worked with professional athletes in the NBA and NFL. Our goal was to get them back in the game as soon as possible. Today our goal is to get you feeling better quickly not to put you on endless treatment plans.


  • We provide Chiropractic, Spine Rehab, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Physical Therapy to patients of all ages, right here in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.  If you are suffering from neck or back pain, an athletic injury, a work injury or have been in an auto accident please give us a call. We are committed to helping you live a healthier happier life.


  • Kailua Wellness Center is your Kailua Chiropractor and "We've Got Your Back!"

Mission Statement

"Our mission at Kailua Wellness Center is to provide the most effective, patient centered, evidence based care to the State of Hawaii. We believe that being healthy is more than just being out of pain, it is about being well. We guarantee the highest level of professionalism, trust and respect towards our patients. Our mission is to be a leader in Chiropractic, Spine Rehabilitation and Wellness in Kailua, the Windward side of Oahu and the profession."


Values Statement


"Our mission at Kailua Wellness Center is only as good as our values and without values our vision is just a dream. We value being excellent, honest, professional, educated and effective care givers so that we may increase the speed of healing and trust within our community."

No Drugs, No Surgeries

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Proud member of the Hawaii State Chiropractic Association

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