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No Fault Massage Therapy 

Hawaii is a no fault state. Which means if you were in an auto accident, your car insurance may pay for your medical bills for massage therapy, chiropractic and other services to help you recover from your injuries faster.


Its as easy as 123.

Step 1. File a claim with your insurance carrier. Get a claim number and the contact information for your insurance adjuster.

Step 2. Get a referral from your medical doctor for massage therapy and have them fax it to our office (808) 261-7770 or bring it to your appointment. The referral should include the diagnosis, date of injury, and a treatment plan ie. (1x week for 12 weeks) 

Step 3. Book your appointment by calling (808) 261-8181. When you arrive you will be asked to fill out a few forms.

Do not live another day in pain, call Kailua Wellness Center today!

Phone (808) 261-8181

Fax (808) 261-7770

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