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"I found my new chiropractor!"


"I would highly recommend both Daniel Tsukayama LMT and Dr. Tyler Ryan, chiropractic doctor, for their extraordinary skills in working with structural integration and body therapy techniques. Daniel is a gifted massage therapist and body worker who has helped me to release old patterns of tension through hands-on deep tissue and myofascial release work. Dr. Ryan is probably the best chiropractic doctor I've ever seen. He doesn't just adjust you, he helps you to stretch and strengthen your body so that old patterns are fully resolved. They are both seriously committed to alleviating their patients pain and helping them to heal."


Dr. Laurie Steelsmith N.D., L.Ac

Best Chiropractor in Hawaii
How was your experience?
Kailua Wellness Center always trying to improve patient outcomes.

“I was recommended to Dr. Ryan after calling 2 other places.  The other places could not see me on the same day, though I was hurting.  He was very thorough in screening me in pin pointing exactly where the pain was coming from and other muscle groups it was affecting as well.  Dr. Ryan made me feel comfortable, relax, and in good hands.  
He gave me some helpful exercise tips to strengthen my back. I'm healing quickly after the first session, but I did do a second visit to follow up. I highly recommend Dr.  Ryan and Hawaii Pacific Sport & Spine.
PS.  The cost was very reasonable”


-Kolea P.

"I found my new Chiropractor! 
I heard about Hawaii Pacific Sport and Spine through a friend and I am sooooo grateful they told me about this place!  I have been going to Chiropractors for nearly 20 years now and I am really grateful I found Dr. Ryan.  I was in a great deal of pain the other day and couldn't move my neck at all.  Fortunately, Dr. Ryan was able to squeeze me in between a couple of other appointments.  

The biggest plus for me was that he took the time to listen (!) and he took the time I needed to leave feeling better.  He isn't one of those "crack 'em and pay me" type of Chiropractors where your visit is like 5 minutes long and your out $60 (or more) still in pain wondering why you ever bothered taking the time to come in.  

I also really appreciated Dr. Ryan's philosophy.  He believes in treating the cause and not just the symptoms.  The muscles around my spine need to be strengthened so that my neck and back won't keep slipping out of joint.  He did exercises and stretches with me and emailed me other stretches and exercises to do at home.  His philosophy and method of treatment makes total sense to me and tells me he isn't out to just make a buck.  

I felt that Dr. Ryan really cared about his patients and especially about getting results that count even if it means you are better and don't need to see him as often.  Oh!  And the best deal of all is his pricing!  He is so reasonable!  

I highly recommend Dr. Ryan!!! "     


-Mealani H.

BEST CHIROPRACTOR ever! Young and knowledgeable. My back has been out for months and I finally went in for an adjustment. Got to the building at 6:45p and Dr.Ryan was still there and willing to see me. I had the best nights sleep that night...after 6 months of not sleeping. I would recommend Dr.Ryan to anyone looking for a personable chiropractor willing to go above and beyond for the health of his patients. LOVE DR.RYAN!!!


-Amelia S.

Dr. Ryan is a great chiropractor! The adjustments were great, but his coaching on how and what to stretch as well as exercises to strengthen certain areas in my hips and legs allowed me to finally get over some pretty awful lower back pain that is likely due to a combo of sitting and the many sports I play. He also rid my wife's pain in her ribs. She is nearing her 3rd trimester and Dr Ryan's adjustments have provided so much relief for her. His effectiveness, knowledge, and welcoming personality will keep us going back if the pain comes back. Also, check out the deals he has on massage/ adjustment combos. Only an extra $10 to get a 30 min message prior to the adjustment! I got an amazing ashiatsu message from one of the therapists, Daniel, who also works there and it really loosened me up.

-Joey B.


I was recently introduced to Dr. Tyler Ryan from Hawaii Pacific Sport & Spine and I am so glad that I took his advice and booked a massage at his clinic.  I was impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Ryan and my massage therapist Daniel.  I look forward to going back.


-Susan S.

Dr. Alina is incredibly accessible through phone, text and e-mail, and she is very accommodating to my daughter's often irregular nap schedule.  Her prices are 30% lower than anyone else in town, which is amazing considering how current her knowledge is on differing philosophies for a practice as ancient as Chinese medicine.  Her office is clean, simple and professional.  I highly recommend her services!


-Meredith R.

"Dr. Ryan's adjustments are wonderful. My Father is a Chiropractor and has been adjusting my back all my life but unfortunately my parents live in Los Angeles. I was referred to Dr. Ryan from a friend of mine and was so happy with his care for my back and neck problems. He even does a simple neck massage which was so wonderful. I would recommend him and his services to anyone."
-Jared S.

I stay pretty active and my joints do take a beating. I started going here about six months ago as a result of a back injury and this place was very helpful at getting me back on my feet. I've been going back here once a month for routine maintenance so to speak and have been able to avoid any other major injury since. The staff also recommended specific exercises to incorporate into my workouts that have kept me injury free. Great knowledgeable staff here that takes the time and truly cares about finding a permanent solution to back and joint problems. This place recently added a deep tissue message therapist that helped work out some muscle tension issues I have as well. Highly recommend this place if you're active and have some one going injuries that might need attention.


-David D.

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