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Types of Headaches and how to get relief at Kailua Wellness Center

Experience relief from various types of headaches at Kailua Wellness Center through our comprehensive approach to holistic healthcare. Whether you suffer from tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, or cervicogenic headaches, our team of experts is here to help. Chiropractic adjustments can correct misalignments in the spine and alleviate tension in the neck and shoulders, reducing the frequency and severity of headaches. Acupuncture targets specific points to release tension and promote relaxation, providing relief from headache symptoms. Massage therapy techniques, including deep tissue and craniosacral massage, can help reduce muscle tension and improve blood flow, easing headache pain. Additionally, physical therapy exercises and stretches can strengthen muscles and improve posture, addressing underlying causes of headaches. Trust Kailua Wellness Center to provide personalized care and effective solutions for your headache relief needs.

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