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Mid and Upper Back Pain

Have you ever felt that dull aching pain between your shoulder blades in your mid back? Most people will feel this issue arise at some point in their lives, especially if you work in front of a computer or regularly have a poor posture. Between computers, cell phones, tablets and paperwork most humans spend the majority of their days in a posture that is less than conducive to the health of their spine. Due to gravity and biomechanics, this leads to an increase in pressure to the structures that hold us upright in the mid back. After months and years of being in this position, the vertebrae can become compressed and the muscles surrounding the spine will tighten or spasm in order to increase the stability in this now dysfunctional region. This leads to irritation and inflammation which generally manifests itself into a dull aching pain or stiffness.

At Kailua Wellness Center, the Chiropractors will assess your spine and soft tissues to understand where the restriction or dysfunction is located. They will likely make a series of chiropractic adjustments to mobilize and increase normal motion to the vertebrae that have become compressed and stuck. A focus on the soft tissues surrounding these areas will occur in order to release any tightness in the muscles, thereby creating more movement capacity. The doctor will then likely demonstrate and prescribe a number of mobility exercises and stretches so that you can continue to keep everything moving properly at home. Lastly, you can expect to learn some strengthening and stability exercises that will help you maintain a good posture for longer periods of time. This will gradually increase the strength of your spine so it can handle increased loads as you get back to doing the things that you love and need to do. If you have any questions regarding your pain or symptoms, please reach out to Kailua Wellness Center at (808) 261-8181.

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