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Frozen shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis is a somewhat common shoulder condition generally seen in people over age 40. Adhesion and scar tissue development occurs between or inside the capsule of the shoulder. This creates a great deal of inflammation and irritation every time you attempt to move your shoulder. The surrounding muscles and tissues begin to tighten and become more and more dysfunctional. Patients will present with shoulder pain and joint stiffness and have no idea how they hurt their shoulder. This pain will be strong enough to limit the range of motion that you have, especially to the side and with shoulder rotation. Often times, the pain will interfere with sleeping as well. Unfortunately, without treatment this condition can last many months or even years.

The Chiropractors at Kailua Wellness Center are trained specifically to treat Frozen Shoulder. After a thorough evaluation, treatment will focus on a combination of stretching and manual therapy of the affected muscles. It is important to help remove the adhesions that develop within the shoulder, which can be accomplished by various methods of myofascial release and the usage of other modalities. The chiropractors are trained to identify which muscles and tendons are most affected, and use specific therapy to break up the adhesions and dysfunctional tissue. After a series of treatments, the pain will begin to decrease and the range of motion will begin to increase. Exercises will be implemented in the office and at home in order to help gain back range of motion.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain of an unknown origin, it could potentially be Frozen Shoulder.

Consider giving Kailua Wellness Center a call at (808) 261-8181 and the Chiropractors will do an in-depth evaluation to understand the source of your pain.

Dr. Jared Campbell, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic at Kailua Wellness Center)

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