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Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are some of the most common injuries to the foot/ankle that can occur when suddenly twisting, rolling, or turning your ankle in an awkward way. This could result in an overstretching or tearing of the ligaments of your ankle. Once you sprain your ankle, your risk for another ankle sprain increases!

Types of Ankle Sprains

There are mainly two types of ankle sprains:

  1. Inversion lateral ankle sprain (Most common): Occurs when your ankle/foot turns in affecting the ligaments on the outside of the foot.

  2. Eversion medial ankle sprain: Occurs when your ankle/foot turns out affecting the ligaments on the inside the foot.

What are the symptoms?

  • Pain with weightbearing

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Tenderness when you touch the ankle

  • Popping during time of injury

What to expect and treatment

Your doctor may give you an ankle brace for the time being as well as order an x-ray to make sure there are no fractures. If there are no fractures then, they may recommend Physical Therapy for stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises to prevent and/or decrease your risk of future ankle sprains. 

During the initial injury, it is recommended that you POLICE it:

P = Protection

O = Optimal

L = Loading

I = Ice

C = Compression

E = Elevation

If you need Physical Therapy for an ankle injury, give Kailua Wellness Center a call today at (808) 261-8181.

Dr. Jun Bradley Cadelinia, PT DPT (Physical Therapist)

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