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Ankle Sprains

Nearly everyone who has played competitive sports has experienced a sprained ankle at some point in their career. They can vary in type and severity, but there can be no doubt a sprained ankle can severely hamper an athlete’s season. A sprain refers to the overstretching of a ligament. When you sprain your ankle, the ankle joints get turned in a manner that one or more ligaments become overstretched, or even torn. This leads to a massive rush of inflammation which can turn your ankle area black and blue, and greatly reduce the range of motion. Sometimes, with a severely sprained ankle, a fracture can also occur. This makes it very important to see a professional to rule out a break if you think this is a possibility.

The Chiropractors and Physical Therapists at Kailua Wellness Center are well versed in knowing what to look for in order to determine the severity of an ankle sprain. The joints of your foot and ankle will be evaluated to make sure they are still structurally sound. The Chiropractors will decompress and possibly adjust the joints in and around your ankle to ensure optimal recovery. Additionally, soft tissue therapy will be applied to the area around your ankle to help decrease inflammation and speed up recovery. Eventually, range of motion exercises will be demonstrated and prescribed so you can begin to move your ankle through its full range of motion again. Lastly, balancing and strengthening techniques will be implemented to maximize strength in and around your ankle to ensure this issue is as strong and durable as possible. Without a full rehabilitation, your chances of reinjuring this area significantly increase.

The Chiropractor or Physical Therapist will assess your sport-related movement skills to ensure you can return to practice without worrying about an exacerbation of your original injury.

If you have injured your ankle and are looking to make a full recovery, give Kailua Wellness Center a call at (808) 261-8181

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