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According to studies, approximately 57% of men and 76% of women report suffering from at least one significant headache per month. There are several different types of headaches and a myriad of reasons as to why your head may hurt. Some headaches could be indicative of a more serious pathology, while others could be caused by something very minor. It is important to address what may be causing your headaches, and that is something the Chiropractors at Kailua Wellness are specifically trained to understand. Some potential red flags that one should consider are:

-Do you have a headache as a result of head trauma?

-Are you experiencing vomiting without nausea?

-Is your neck extremely painful and stiff, especially bending it?

-A severe, persistent headache in a child

There are many instances of headaches that respond very well to Chiropractic care you can receive at Kailua Wellness Center. These can be a result of various issues such as sleeping in a poor posture throughout the night, and waking up to feel neck pain and a reduced range of motion in your neck. Often times these issues can be corrected through an adjustment provided by the Chiropractors at Kailua Wellness Center. Additionally, most patients will benefit from soft tissue treatment such as myofascial release techniques or massage therapy that is also provided at Kailua Wellness Center. If you often get a headache towards the end of a long day at work that creates pain at the base of your skull, you could greatly benefit by making an appointment at Kailua Wellness Center. You can expect a thorough evaluation to understand what is causing your headaches, and to receive a plan of action to help decrease and hopefully eliminate the frequency of this condition. Other headaches could be a result of dehydration, stress, or hormonal issues.

Headaches are certainly a complex issue, one that cannot be taken lightly due to the nature of several serious conditions that could be present. It is important to not put off seeking help if you regularly get headaches, or even if you begin feeling a new headache that is unusual for you. If you have questions, or are interested in coming in for an evaluation, please call Kailua Wellness Center at (808) 261-8181.

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